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what is this Abia becoming?

December 11, 2011

What manner of life can this be?

If you are living in a country that is civilized without the Police turning to Human catchers, you are a lucky person. The work of a Police is to protect the citizens of a nation and not to arrest innocent people over nothing meaningful. When the Police arrest a citizen without a charge and throws the person into cell for money sake then there is a huge problem with the government of that country. We are aware that a nation needs revenue to survive but not when there are so many unclear revenues that are used by politicians to enrich themselves. Imagine, arresting a pregnant woman who lives in a slum for infrastructural levy and is forced to pay a huge amount of money because the poor landlord would never come to her rescue. We have so many Human Rights activists who are not going to help a lot of people fight injustice in some states or locations in the world.  This is the reason why a lot of injustice goes unpunished and the government of that location stares with one two eyes and smile wickedly as poor citizens are victimized.

Where there is no conscience, the citizens perish is what is happening in a State called Abia State. It is a peaceful place to live until the festive periods when there is need to extort money from innocent people in the name of unbelievable revenues or levies that would shock most of us. If you are reading this and have a means of saying No to wickedness, please tell the world that some Nigerian States need help and liberation from the hands of police who are used in causing pain all over the state called Abia State.  I believe there is need to help those who are been treated unfairly by the politicians and police. This was how a victim cried out while I wrote these words.

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