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who said God cannot write to you?

November 26, 2011



My desire,

 At this hour, at this minute; the curtains are drawn open for rascals to walk on runaway. The crowd is held spell bounds in silence as these rascals take over our runaway. Unfortunately; you are sitting down with audience instead of walking on the runaway while I applaud your steps that I will order. I am always with you, cheering and encouraging you to finish your walk but you have allow these rascals called worry, anxiety and depression to weigh you down  and make you inferior as they walk the runaway.

I am your all sufficiency. For this reason I say to you, do not be anxious for your life. Your life has been programmed in one direction only, upward and forward movement only. This is a life that is above poverty, disappointment, sickness, failure and everything that is inconsistent in making you a success. Or should you be worried for what you would do tomorrow that has not come or how you will cope look at the little fellows of this world like the spineless ants and inexperienced cubs. I must take care of their needs talkless of you who is my heir.

My desire, I have inscribed you on the palms of my hands. There is no need to watch these rascals ruin your future with lies of the abolished life. They pose for you with fear of the unknown making you helpless to think straight. The problem is that you allow them to exhibit inferior designs from designers who are failures and uncertain all their lives of winning in their exhibitions.

These rascals are only after making you quiet without speaking about your victory as they lay impossibilities and failures as hedge on your life. They make mockery of you as you succumb to their ploys knowing that you have forgotten your strength in life. The truth is that they do not have power to harm you directly but they have power of talking you into harming your future because they are good orators of doom.

The earth is mine, and the fullness thereof; the world and all of you that dwell therein. I have equally given you everything pertaining to life and godliness. Why will you worry? Does it solve anything? All you do is think of things which you have power over but helpless to win. Those things you worry so much about, most times never happen and the other times; they take care of themselves. I take care of everything concerning you. I know how to get your needs across to you. You getting engaged watching these rascals exhibit on the runaway of your heart and share what belongs to Me with these unworthy criminals. You end up allowing your flimsy problems become bigger than Me  , the creator of orderliness and chaos. Can the pot tell the potter that it is more expensive than its creator? Of course not! The potter decides what price to sell and whom to sell the arrogant pot. That is how I take care of your problems. I decide which one becomes a little challenge or temptation that will never overcome you. You have the power to chase these rascals away from you. I will not do it because it is one of the battles you fight yourself. I love you when you are in total control of your runaway.

Yours forever,



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