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November 20, 2011

Reduce Elevator Repair Service Costs


The clamour for the reduction in price for the elevator maintenance and the building managers in today’s market is a reason why elevator repairs service and management is costly this always happen when the after service is demanded. Reading this article would teach a few things about how you can handle the elevator when you want to reduce downtime and saves you from costly repairs. The door is most times associated with the elevator shutting down and coming back. However, the door is not going to be designed to allow the elevator open it. It is important that the doors are closed. I mean completely shut when an elevator is moving to another floor because if the door is not closed, the elevator would not take you anywhere.

There are problems that the door can cause;

  1. Elevator will always open the door and shut it but would refuse to
  2. There is problem closing the door completely.
  3. The elevator may not move even when the door is shut.

When this is observed, there are things to do which requires skills and professional touch. It is not your work to take care of elevator repair service.  Call an installer who would definitely take care of these problems in the following ways.

  • There is a need to check for debris or trash at the bottom of the door especially in the door sill. This sill of the door takes care of the button of the doors so that it can prevent the door from being pushed into the elevator shaft. There should be clearance in the grooves in the sills so that the door can be free from jamming problem
  •  The reopening device of the door should be checked in an elevator repair service.  Every elevator has devices that always detect if an object is in the door that would stop it from closing against a passenger. Some of these are mechanical or electronic with infrared beams. While some is the combination of both. The mechanical door detectors can have problem when it is stuck in the retracted position. This may cause the elevator to believe that someone or something is obstructing the door. The infrared detector lenses may get faulty because of dirt which would not allow it to receive from the infrared beam.  If this is the case, there is need for  an elevator repair service
  • The push buttons sometimes get stuck and may be a big problem for the elevator.  Sometimes, it is not the doors of an elevator that we have an issue with. It is the push buttons like the way we have in a car or hall. When the buttons is stuck the elevator will remain on that floor with the doors open. For instance, anywhere the button is stuck that is where the elevator would be even if it is in the seventh floor. Imagine the inconvenience this can cause if there was no proper elevator repair service.



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