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do you have white gold necklace?

November 15, 2011

White gold jewelry

Have you heard of White Gold jewelry?  Most of us have seen the colour of pure gold before which is yellow that we believe that may be the only colour of gold. Today, we have another colour of gold which is gotten by alloying this pure gold with other elements in different proportions in their mixture. The white colour gold is made available to nature through the alloying of gold and other elements like manganese, palladium and nickel for example.  The elements palladium and nickel have the function of bleaching this pure gold as primary bleaching agents.

A karat is what is used in measuring the purity of this jewelry like every other gold be it coloured or pure. Today, this white gold has found itself in the cliché of White Gold jewelry. This gold is breathtaking in appearance and contains some quality particles of white elements that makes it glitter, with a light colour and adds strength and durability to the gold. The colour of this jewelry comes from its Rhodium that is metallically coated on it. But some people would complain of contact allergy reaction when they wear this jewelry for a long period of time.

What can be more beautiful like a bride wearing this White Gold jewelry on her wedding day? This is where you would appreciate the appealing effect of this gold. You can make use of it in important occasion and stand out of the crowd. If it is a White Gold bangle, Diamond Solitaire Ring and pendant, the choice is this jewelry. There is no end to the attraction of this white jewelry since the 1920’s it has made its appearance into the fashion kingdom.  If you don’t have one of these jewelleries in your collection, try and improve your taste with one.

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