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auto lifts can be damaging to your car

November 14, 2011

If you are enthusiastic about cars, you need auto lifts. There are purposes for you to use this feature in your car. Winter should be around the corner or your car needs your help in getting back to its pristine condition after a harsh element. The first thing to do is to take a good over your equipment with auto lifts repair. How do you know that your vehicle has been taken care of correctly? If the procedure is correctly followed, then you have no need to worry about its long term storage and then you can jump out in the spring and ride with merry.

How you can select the environment

Extreme temperatures hazard on your car can be prevented in a garage with a heat gadget installed.  In a situation, you don’t have this facility; you can buy a car cover that must fit your car tightly so that its body is safe from harm.

Auto lifts are very important in a car’s usage. With one, there is a need to ensure that it is in top form and can be trusted for your car’s long packing. Precautions are needed before using one like;

Checking the fluids

Most people tend to empty the tank as much as possible before storing their cars on auto lifts. This is because you want to leave your tank full and have problem water and condensation builds up in the tank.  Of course it will rust and corrode your tank which is prevented when empty. There is equally a need to have a fuel stabilizer and antifreeze. This is because the fuel needs to be suitable for the coldest of temperatures that would last till its end.  Most times windshield washer fluid is forgotten by people. Make sure you drain it out, give a quick rinse if you can, and replace it with a winter formula that is suitable for your weather condition. If not the hoses would blow up when they freeze.

Exterior Protection

An extremely important step in maintaining your car is to take care of its body.  This is why you have to put your car where it would be protected be it on auto lifts or outside.  Make sure your car is well washed before this transit. And ugly things like dropping of birds, bug guts and other things that degrade your paint should be avoided. Finally, the car should be dried which makes it look impressive when you add a good coating of protective wax on it. And on the auto lifts in this form, it is very safe.


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