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is Google taking sides?

November 12, 2011

Google free people search and information

Google free people search and information when searched on a search engine would give you a lot of websites and adverts on finding people and information for you. When it comes to Google, a lot of people do not remember that it can equally be used in searching for people in any part of the world with easy and faster than most people finder.  It doesn’t cost you anything to search for people neither are you required to have an account before you can get a search query from its search engine. We know what phone number is as almost everyone in developed and developing countries are making use of phones. If we know about phone, what are about reverse phone look up? In Google, this type of people finder is not use because of their new policies. This was a type of search that would help you with a phone number of the person you are searching for in getting extra information like where the person could be located even the name of the person.

Looking up someone’s name which can be nicknamed ‘goggling’ is made simplified in Google search engine. There are a lot of ways to search for people on Google. The first method is to use quotation on the name you might be finding. This means you should know the full name of the person you are searching for. Take for instance; if I am searching for Ben Adam, all I need to do is to add quotation on the name ‘Ben Adam’ and the name would show up. The problem with this is that a lot of names would appear because it is a popular name.  If you know the zip code of the place the person is living, it can be easy to search like typing in Ben Adam with a zip code like this, Ben Adam 234 or even city or country.

When using Google to search for people and information , you are likely to get the death information, birth, criminal, social security numbers and a lot of information you might never get anywhere in the world with easy. This is a good tool for the police and is quicker and doesn’t cost a dime. This is why Google free people search and information is used by both professionals and armatures in searching for information about people and their backgrounds. With Google, all hidden things about people are exposed.



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